Victor Talking Machine Co.

When Victor founders Emile Berliner & E.R. Johnson first joined forces in 1896, at a small garage in Camden, NJ, not even they could have understood the impact the recorded music industry would soon have on the world. By inventing the disk record and ‘turntable' - and bringing music into the home - the modern music industry would be born. In this process, the music of the world would be forever transformed into an art - akin to a painter and his or her canvas. With this, music had been gifted the miracle of recorded sound through the disk record and record player - and a tradition sparked that musicians and music lovers carry on to the modern age. Because of these key innovations, Victor was not only the first music company to produce the disk record - but was the first company to pioneer the concept of an entire music industry based on capturing performers’ magic in the recording studio, and distributing these recordings to homes across the globe. This special attention to sound artistry and craft led to pioneering advancements in both sound recording and home reproduction systems - innovations that directly influence every music-loving person on earth.

Today, the modern Victor Talking Machine Co. has returned the Victor™, His Master’s Voice™, Nipper™, Victrola™, Electrola™, Red Seal™, and Bluebird™ labels to the Camden, NJ area, with the aim of not only reclaiming the American musical legacy associated with the birth of the music industry – but also rebuilding the entire modern music industry from the ground up, by pioneering the model of a vertically-integrated music company in the new century.

At Victor, we find the world’s greatest artists, record their music, build the turntables, and press the records delivered to homes across the globe - a tradition we are proud to carry on in the Camden area, where Victor founders and inventors Emile Berliner & E.R. Johnson built the first record players together in 1896. Our commitment means we desire to push boundaries in music, music industry, and music technology with incredible new music, new musical inventions, and new ways of enjoying music at home.

Victor Talking Machine Co. has a 120-year tradition of innovation in music - and we are eager to show musicians and music lovers where we're from, where we are, and where we are going in the music industry of today.



There are many ways to become involved with Victor!

...and the most obvious is in volunteering your time or expertise to any number of projects. Are you an engineer? a producer? a musician? a machinist? a former Victor or RCA employee? do you enjoy history? do you enjoy music? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, we are very very likely able to direct you to either an internship, job, or volunteer operations with Victor Talking Machine Co. The absolute best way to reach the company is by email or phone!