Originally formed and established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & later moved to its home in Camden, New Jersey, Victor was not only the first record company to mass produce the disc record (as opposed to the cylinder), but was the first company to grasp and pioneer the concept of an entire industry based on capturing music and magic in the recording studio while pioneering the reproduction of that same feeling at homes across the globe. The modern music and record industries were born and Victor became the first major record company, record label, and producer of turntables in the world.

Today, Victor Talking Machine Co.™ celebrates over 100 years since the birth of records and the modern music industry. The modern company takes pride in the innovation, vision, and hard work done at Victor of long ago and of Victor Talking Machine Co. today. In 2016, the company operates on a vertically integrated business model that Victor established a far back as 1895. This concept makes certain that during a time in which many music companies suffer for lack of sales, Victor, its artists, music, and audio equipment are in a position to establish what the company calls the luxury music market. With divisions including several legendary record labels (featuring both contemporary and historic music available in all formats), a live performance venue, a recording studio, a public archive of company artifacts, as well as a division devoted to the manufacture, and sales of Victor Home Sound Systems- Victor Talking Machine Co. is the music company of the future.


At Victor, we don't believe music is something they "just don't make like they used to"; we know there are still thousands of great artists to be found in the world. What has changed is the music industry infrastructure that Victor Talking Machine Co. originally established and built over 100 years ago. It has long been our belief that it is largely the responsibility of the record label to sell music that doesn't cuts corners; to produce music that is of the utmost quality in composition, delivery, meaning, relevance, and most importantly: heart & soul.

Music, after all, is not unlike making wine. With a little research, just about anyone can do it. But, what makes a particular brand special is their attention to detail by means of having the finest ingredients and the finest makers of said product. When one cheapens the ingredients of a wine or uses a lesser expert in the field, it cheapens the final product. Over time, this begins to hurt the entire ecosystem - the demand for the product drops as its quality drops. This is the concept in which Victor bases its musical selection and recording process: we simply spare no expense in the making of a great product. It is our goal, like that of Victors' founders Eldridge Johnson, and Emile Berliner, to give people the kind of listening experience they will want to return to, share with their family and friends, and ideally- keep for all time.

Have you ever gone to an online retailer of music, downloaded a track at 99 cents and felt you'd gotten what you'd paid for? No? Same for us! We'd much rather ALL artists put the same kind of barre none effort we put into every Victor release- but we can't guarantee it...we can, however, guarantee satisfaction with ANY of Victor Records' releases.

Victor prides itself on staying true to songwriters, musicians, and music fans alike while delivering the greatest new and legacy artists, music, and products to music aficionados worldwide. We want to give a full experience in music, an experience one can't get with any other record company. No, we aren't in suits, we don't look at trend charts, we don't discriminate genres, and we aren't operated by a corporate entity that would force our quality to suffer at the hands of maintaining a fleeting relevance. After all, this company has ties to a century before this moment in which you are reading. Relevance at that point, is subjective. 

We love great records, musicians, stories, craftsman of composition, lyrical content that reflects emotion -and we seek to improve everything we do, every day. Victor music, records, CDs, and turntables are bold steps into the new direction of the music industry, a music industry that began with VICTOR.