What do the vinyl record, the first 33/45/78, the paper record label, the first million-selling record, the first overdubs, the first country/jazz/blues, the first mention of "Rock 'n' Roll," the first recordings on tape, the first Disney soundtracks, the first electronic music, the first Academy Award in sound, Lead Belly, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Woodie Guthrie, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Jefferson Airplane, The Carter Family, "Pitch Perfect," George Harrison, ALL DJS, the first music videos and COUNTLESS other innovations or incredible artists have in common?


In the early 1900s, something magical happened when technology and art officially married and birthed the modern music industry. Victor Talking Machine Co. spearheaded the journey that was and still is responsible for the music and technology we've loved over the last century. Today, Victor Records, Victor Music Group and the Victor Sound Foundation are proud to embark on a mission to bring to the surface Victor's (with its associated labels and music companies) role as the primary pioneer of the modern world of music by preserving and digitizing as much of what is contained in VMG's archives as possible.

Selections from the Victor Music Group company vault will be processed by the Victor Sound Foundation; a non profit division of Victor in charge of the preservation of VMG's archives. Additionally, Victor Sound Foundation also curates educational programs (both digitally and in person) at Victor Records' headquarters--The Vault--in Camden County, New Jersey.













Victor's birthing of the music industry is one of the greatest stories never told. through music, never-before-seen photographs, unreleased documents, and historic company ledgers, you'll fall in love with ALL music and the story of how we got to today.