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Victor Victrola ‘Voyager’ Turntable

 The Victor Victrola Voyager is the zenith of the Victrophonic Series because it is simply the absolute best audiophile turntable on the market in this range. We felt the name Voyager to be most appropriate for this model for a multitude of reasons. In order to create the Victrola Voyager, our best stand alone turntable we’ve ever produced, Victor started at its heart; the motor. The motor that operates this machine is a top of the line vibration free belt-drive ERJ model named for Victor co-founder E.R. Johnson - whose Victrola engineering and designs inspired this incredibly smooth titanium ball bearing guided motor. Great sound begins here, but it doesn’t end…for what good is a beautifully engineered speed control without the rest? We placed careful development in the tone-arm which is a light weight carbon fiber model with counterweight system and skid control. At the very end of the tone arm comes our top of the line VictorMag+ stylus and cartridge. Developed with the same care, was the platter - our first all brushed aluminum turntable was designed to work in direct servo conjunction with the ERJ model motor to deliver stunningly accurate playback quality of your disk records while minimizing distortion causing cabinet vibration. Limited Lifetime Warranty


SPECIFICATIONS: 33/45 speeds, belt driven, ERJ hi-torque premium motor, high quality phono outs for connectivity to amplifier/speaker system (recommended; 2 Victor ‘Orthophonic’ Bluetooth Sound System speakers), dust cover, weight adjustable and skid adjustable carbon fiber tone arm, high quality VictorMag+ cartridge, speed fine tuning