Victor Studio ‘B’

 Victor Studio ‘B’ is a (6500 Sq. Foot) large-format recording and production facility like no other. Located at Victor BLDG 1. of The Victor Camden County Campus. The Victor Talking Machine Co. went to great lengths in the construction of its primary production facility by designing the studio from the archival engineering specifications of Victor’s most famous legacy studio designers; Raymond Sooy (Victor Trinity Studios, HMV/Abbey Road Studios), Bill Miltenburg (RCA/Victor Studios Nashville), and John Volkmann (Victor Studio Montreal, RCA/Victor Studios Nashville, Victor 24th St. Studios NY). Built to serve the needs of Victor Talking Machine Co. artists, the studio is also available for hire by filling out the form below.

The ‘Live Room’ of Victor Studio B

Built to accommodate an orchestra of up to 100 pieces - or a solo performer, Victor Studio B is one of the largest live rooms left in the recording industry. Featuring 14 foot ceilings in a 60x80 foot layout, 2 vocal booths, and a conductors podium - Studio B’s live room is THE quintessential facility for musicians looking to capture the excitement of a performance for all time.

The ‘Control Room’ of Victor Studio B

Built to the specifications of Victor Laboratories studies on sound dating back through the last 100 years, the non parallel walled control room features tone-wood panelling and absorption for perfect diffusion of unwanted frequencies during tracking or mixing. The external vaulted ceilings of the control room preserve the spacial sound of the live room while helping it to attain Victor’s secretive ‘golden ratio’ reverb - a company secret developed at Victors sound laboratories through the 1920s, 30s, and 40s and utilized in the construction of the most famous Victor designed studios in the world.



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