Victor Model ‘V’ Studio Headphones

At their heart, our Victor ‘ORTHOPHONIC’ Headphones have been specially crafted from a brand-new technology that features a pair of state of the art 50mm drivers built from strong and exceedingly rare Alkaline Earth Metal. This technology (which replaces the paper or plastic driver technology found in many other sets of headphones) has been found to be not only lightweight and durable, but strikingly superior and beautiful in its dulcet and accurate tonal reproduction. The ‘chassis’ of these headphones is an impressive and strong polished aluminium with 2 sets of leather and non-leather ear padding. The exterior hand-rubbed oil finish wooden over ear panels are designed not only to harken back to Victor’s pioneering use of tone-woods in the famous Victrola series record players, but likewise to act a light density tone control that marries natural materials to the art and science of sound reproduction. All of this along with a heavy duty case and detachable hand wound tweed cable means the gorgeous tone of your favorite recordings (or recording sessions) will be heard like never before. Limited Lifetime Warranty


SPECIFICATIONS: 50MM drivers, comfortable fit, detachable cable, includes a heavy duty travel and storage case.