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Years of research and development went into the creation of the VICTOR TALKING MACHINE CO. ‘ORTHOPHONIC’ Bluetooth Sound System. The goal in its design was simple; to unite the power of streaming with the kick of a very powerful but compact audio system. The term ‘ORTHOPHONIC’ was coined by The Victor Talking Machine Co. in 1925, and it is a combination of words found in latin meaning ‘TRUE SOUND” - we believe this is the best description of this piece. Just 1 Victor Orthophonic Speaker will have the whole room singing - however it can pair wirelessly to a second speaker to create a wide stereo field should you choose to upgrade your sound system - and it isn’t just for Bluetooth audio - use 1 or 2 Orthophonic speakers as the basis of your turntable system and you’ll be surprised at the depth, power, and clarity of your music collection. Limited Lifetime Warranty


SPECIFICATIONS: Hi-Fi Bluetooth Connectivity, 3 speaker titanium alloy speaker design, remote control, walnut trim, phonograph connectivity via standard connectivity, wireless connectivity to second unit automatically creates a pristine stereo field - while doubling power and presence.