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Victor Vertiphone Vertical Record Player with Bluetooth

The Victor Vertiphone is for the eccentric in all of us! A perfect blend of conversation piece and utility, Vertiphone is a vertical record player that utilizes magnet traction to keep your records spinning and playing vertically - and to the amazement of your guests - the sound is superb. Made of a crafted wood cabinet, this belt driven vertical turntable featuring 33, 45, 78 speeds and tone arm complimented by a standard light weight Victor Earthen-ware cartridge. Featuring bluetooth connectivity for your wireless streaming music services, built in pre-amplifier featuring volume control and built-in speaker playback system with stereo outputs for optional system expansion, the low footprint of the VERTIPHONE makes this system ideal for mantels, kitchens, tight spaces, retail shops, or any room where music is a staple. Limited Lifetime Warranty


SPECIFICATIONS: 2 speed, magnetic traction, lightweight tone arm, bluetooth and phono jack connectivity, 2 bass ports and 2 front speakers, vertical design, belt driven.