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Victor MasterClass: Laurence Juber


DOORS: 10:30am
SHOW: 11:00am



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“One of the world's most remarkable acoustic guitarists.” - The South China Post

GRAMMY® winning guitarist Laurence Juber is a solo performer, recording artist, composer and arranger. His playing fuses folk, jazz, blues, pop and classical styles, creating a multi-faceted performance that belies the use of only one instrument. 

First internationally recognized as lead guitarist in Paul McCartney's Wings, with whom he won a Grammy, Juber has since established himself as world-renowned guitar virtuoso and entertainer.

Juber, known to his fans as LJ, has recorded more than two dozen albums which spotlight his unique touch and tone on acoustic guitar. His latest release, LJ Can’t Stop Playing The Beatles, is his third album of solo guitar arrangements of iconic songs by the Fab Four.

LJ Plays The Beatles was voted one of Acoustic Guitar Magazine's all-time Top Ten albums. His solo arrangementand performance of The Pink Panther Theme earned him a second Grammy, while his arrangement of Stand By Me was heard nationally in a Diamonds Are Forever commercial. Juber’s DVD-Audio project Guitar Noir (AIX Records) won a CES Demmy award for best audio.

His 'photo memoir' Guitar With Wings was recently published by Dalton Watson Fine Books.

As a studio musician, he can be heard on recordings from artists as diverse as Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, Seal and the French chanteuse Sylvie Vartin, plus he is featured on the soundtracks to hundreds of TV shows such as Home Improvement and movies including the academy award-winning Dirty Dancing, Good Will Hunting and Pocahontas.

Juber co-composed the soundtrack of the award-winning video game Diablo III and scored the NBC Dateline documentary Children Of The Harvest. His music is also featured in the Ken Burns’ documentary The Tenth Inning

Guitarmania to Beatlemania 

In the period since Andres Segovia consolidated the role the guitar in the high-art world of the concert hall, we have come to associate the term classical guitar with a generally Spanish style of instrument and repertoire. The guitar is iconic and ubiquitous in popular music, 

yet the true light of its history and repertoire largely remains hidden under a bushel.

The ‘Guitarmania’ of the early romantic period engaged such prominent musicians as Berlioz, Schubert and Paganini, although few of the instrument’s most celebrated exponents are recognized in mainstream musical history.

A direct line can be traced from the virtuosi of that era, through the later 19th century American classical ‘parlor guitar’, to the roots of jazz, blues, folk and pop music practices and onwards to the ‘British Invasion’ of the 1960’s.

This session focuses on the six string guitar and its relatives, from its roots in the Medieval era, through its explosive popularity in early 19th century Europe, the subsequent journey to the United States, its mass marketing, social function and continued utility in popular music. 

With special attention to the work of C.F. Martin & Co. we examine the guitar’s golden eras of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the journeys of its creators, practitioners and luthiers. The presentation will highlight the cultural and social universality of the instrument and show how its robust repertoire was, and continues to be, developed. Using contemporary and historical examples, there will be entertaining demonstrations of guitaristic techniques and concepts.