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Victrola JR-1

The new Victor “VICTROLA JR-1” was the first model of Victor Victrola record player to be assembled in Camden, NJ again after the last “Victrola” brand turntable left the lines in Camden in 1961. The “Victrola JR-1” takes its design directly from the 1927 VV 2-60 Victor “Victrola” suitcase portable record player and is a beautiful way to introduce vinyl to a first-timer, or as a way of getting back into listening to records at home or on the go. The Victor “Victrola” JR-1 was a bestseller for the company during Christmas of 2015, and they are one of the best values in portable entry model turntables on the market. A strong motor (33, 45, 78), stereo speakers, quality cartridge, and sturdy construction make this turntable a sleek performer without breaking the bank!