Domophone - $99


Bluetooth Headphones
Built-In Microphone
(For Use with Bluetooth Enabled Smart Phones)
Durable Design
Long Lasting Battery Life
Limited Lifetime Warranty


 In 1904, Victor Talking Machine Co. introduced their first head-worn listening system which connected directly to the tone arm of the record player. This system was primarily introduced in order to sample new records in stores - and to focus record buyers on the quality of the recording as opposed to the quality of the record player (assuming they were there to pick up new music and not record players). This system of head worn ‘gramophone’ listening birthed the term ‘headphones’ - which allowed listeners to privately engage in music listening at home, record stores, and wherever music was played across the world. 

Today, Victor is proud to introduce an updated personal listening system we call the Victor® DOMOPHONE Bluetooth Headphone set. Featuring durable construction, Bluetooth connectivity to all portable music players, a long lasting battery system, and a built-in Victor microphone (for integration into music systems connected to bluetooth compatible smartphones), The Victor® DOMOPHONE Bluetooth headphone set is built to the exacting modern standards and crystal clear sound reproduction of all Victor products - offering the same silky highs and deep, rich, bass reproduction that Victor engineers in Camden, NJ pioneered at the birth of the recorded music industry. Victor’s choice of the DOMOPHONE name isn’t just ornamentally in line with our naming nomenclature (see; VERTIPHONE, VICTROLA, ELECTROLA), the ‘DOME' of DOMOPHONE - or reference to the head - indicates that these headphones are specifically designed to give you a concert-like, 360-degree sound scape by taking advantage of the acoustic phenomenon of spatial separation - all within the listener’s ‘dome’ - or what is often referred to as a 3D sound reproduction. Assembled, inspected, and tested in Camden, New Jersey.