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Victor Victrola ‘DISCOVERER’ Record Player with Bluetooth

The Victor Victrola Discoverer is a beautiful but compact home instrument for the casual, returning, or first time journey into the art of sound etched to disc. With a design harkening back to the earliest days of The Victor Co., this machine features a light weight tone-arm with specially designed Victor Earthenware Cartridge (safe for all your most treasured records), the cherry wood cabinet with enclosed speakers and volume control is complimented by stereo audio out jacks, and bluetooth connectivity so that you can use your Victrola with your favorite digital music services - or - expand into a larger system should you desire. Limited Lifetime Warranty


SPECIFICATIONS: 2 speed, 2 built in speakers, light weight tone arm, bluetooth connectivity, phono-out jacks for connectivity with speakers (recommended Victor’s Orthophonic Bluetooth Speaker), 45 adapter, volume control.