Hello All!!!

We began the launch of the Victor Board Of Advisors and The Victor Executive Club this month - and so we wanted to write to update everyone on what is occurring at the company...and how we plan to inform all new Board and EC members of updates to the company! First, I want to personally thank you all for contributing and becoming a member - your contribution allows us not only to bring you entertainment - but to progress the VICTOR brand in Camden, County - and thus ...achieve our ultimate goal of rebuilding and restructuring the music industry in order to better benefit the 1000s of great artists that go unheard - and the BILLIONS of music fans currently without new music - and home audio systems -on which to listen to said music.

The update monthly will feature exclusive access to content prior to release (or content that will forever go unreleased !- and we welcome your comments and thoughts on all of it) The monthly BOA newsletter will be posted on this portion of the web portal for Victor and will also include product details, plans for the company, current concepts we are developing, new music, announcements of booking at The Vault at Victor Records (generally before the you all a chance to reserve your seats to higher ticket affairs.)

Quite frankly- we are very very busy at Victor! ....but we are extremely excited to have you all on-board - we've wanted to launch something like this for a very long time - and we are proud to finally be able to do it.

For the new members - you will be receiving your membership card in the next week. The membership card is active for 1 year from your subscription sign up - and you can utilize this card to gain access to all that is included with your membership (as well as a contact number for your company concierge).

Occasionally we will post news items in between BOA newsletters - so keep checking back every now and then for new content/announcements/offers ETC......I can't tell you how excited we are to see this project blossom.


Thank you all - most humbly

Graham Alexander/President