Victor BLDG. #19

Victor BLDG. #19

The Victor Talking Machine Co. expanded its lines several times after the initial positive reception of Victrola JR. suitcase turntable. The company opened Building #19 (The Vault Of Victor Records) in 2015 which served as an early assembly site for manufacturing - until this location was switched to a more dedicated space at the companies studio in Camden County, NJ. By 2017, orders for their 4 product strong line of home audio - The Berliner III, The Vertiphone, The Victrola BT-1 (their first with bluetooth connectivity), and The Electrola Bluetooth Speaker System - had forced the company to seek an expansion of their manufacturing facilities and capabilities in Camden County, NJ.

The advantage of being the ‘world’s oldest startup’ allowed the company to grow in an unprecedented way between 2015 and 2019 - and the largest order of business was to expand Victor’s record pressing and home audio manufacturing to a larger size facility in Camden County. The company signed an agreement to take over floors 7 and 8 of the original Victor Building #2 - at 201 North Front St. in Camden - but the firm disagreed with the use of public tax credits to achieve this goal and remained in the project with the developers for the sake of seeing the restoration and preservation of the fabled Victor Talking Machine Co. headquarters building through to safety from the wrecking ball (a real possibility prior to Victor’s entry into the project.)

Together with the redevelopment firm, The Victor Co. assisted the restoration of Building #2 - but upon its completion withdrew from the project seeing it as unfeasible for manufacturing due to the cities unwillingness to rezone portions of the facility for that purpose.

Victor BLDG. #1

None the less, The Victor Co. formed the Victor Camden County Campus -realizing that Camden City was not quite as interested in manufacturing or arts concerns. The company acquired a 16,500 SQ/ft former Ice and Bottling Plant in the county - and in 2019 the company opened its doors complete with full manufacturing capabilities for Victrola(s), Victor Home Audio products - and pressing facilities for Victor’s famous disk records. The complex also contains the companies general offices and a large format recording studio; Victor Studio B.

Today, the factory - known as Victor BLDG. #1 in the Victor Camden County Campus - represents a most extraordinary comeback story for the most beloved members of the arts and sciences of recorded sound (and its playback medium). Emile Berliner and Eldridge Johnson’s disk record and gramophone represent the greatest legacy in music - and since 1896, we are proud to carry that tradition forward at Victor Talking Machine Co. in Camden County, NJ.